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Our offering is very


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Think of us as the “Compare the Market” for the new home industry; we offer homebuyers with the choice of homes, builders and land estates at no additional cost. We don’t charge anything for our service and we are not incentivised to sell one companies homes or lots over another.

It wasn’t long ago that if you were looking to book a hotel, buy insurance or book a flight somewhere, you would have to research your options on multiple sites or contact multiple companies to get the information you needed. These days however companies like Hotels Combined, Compare the Market and Skyscanner are common place and the default for most people. In the same way, Chüse allows you to do all your research for new homes on the one site, but our service extends beyond that to becoming your personal liaison between you, 40+ builders, 100+ land estates and over 20 lenders.

What else is unique about Chüse is that we have been well received within our industry; unlike other market interrupters such as Uber and Airbnb, which upset the primary service providers in their industries. Instead our builders love working with us, as do real estate agents, land agents, financial planners and investment groups. Here you can see why:


Chüse is the industry’s first win-win promotional partnership.

Our builders do not pay to partner with us: our service is not subscription based, has zero sign-on fees and no ongoing costs. We only receive a fee once we have successfully sold one of our partners homes and it has proceeded to site. Our fee is the same for all builders and for most companies is less than the commission paid to their own sales consultants and the amortised cost of marketing per new client.

We offer our building partners with free marketing on our website, third party developer sites and promotion in over 100 land estates as house and land packages, all for no cost. Furthermore, your business will be represented professionally and skilfully to our clients by an advisor with over 15 years of new homes experience.

Upon a successful pairing, your business will receive an incremental new home sale with the “ideal” client. This is because each Chüse client is individually matched to our builders based on the uniqueness of your business, it’s structures, core values and building methods.

Real estate agents

R Codes, RMD’s, LDP’s, DAP’s, covenants, setbacks and site coverage. Confused?

As a real estate agent, you may often be asked for house designs to suit a particular block of land that you may be selling or; friends and family may ask for your recommendations about which builder or plan they should go with because they know you are in the industry. The reality is, new homes can be quite complicated and is in fact a specialised field.

Promoting the wrong home for your listed lot could open you to claims of misleading advertising; and recommending a builder to a friend of family member can expose you to awkwardness if their building experience is a bad one.

By comparison, referring people to Chüse removes you from any risk and you can rest assured that your clients are getting the best value new home that correctly suits their lot. Furthermore, we can take care of any disclosure statements if you wish to be paid on a conjunctional basis from the selling fee provided by our building partners.

Financial Planners

Chüse is the only company that remunerates Financial Planners without increasing the price of the house or land to pay referral fees.

Admittedly our referral fee isn’t as significant as what other companies may offer but in return your clients are less likely to experience valuation issues and they will receive a greater return on their investment by paying the true cost for their new home. Furthermore, they are more likely to become repeat purchasers, raving fans and refer others to your service, knowing that they didn’t pay over the odds, just to pay your referral fees.

With Chüse you can offer your clients: a unique set of guarantees regarding value for money; complete transparency regarding our joint fee and; assurance that our joint clients financial interest is of greater important than our own.

Investment Groups

We help you affirm your investment proposition by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

One of the biggest hurdles as an investment specialist when dealing with interstate or overseas clients, is reassuring them of the due diligence that you have undertaken and the value of the offering that you present to them. Chüse to the rescue:

We have done all the leg work for you and can guarantee you the value in your client’s investment through our extensive partnerships. To validate this, your clients can freely peruse our website and the hundreds of packages available within their budget.

In most instances, your clients will expect that you receive a fee for your efforts but at least with our service they can be assured that it hasn’t added any additional cost to pay for your fee, thanks to our transparent nature.

New Home Salespeople

It’s not uncommon for new home sales people to work for companies that they have never built with, or never would build with.

This could be because the builders scope is outside that of their own requirements, or it could be because the salesperson doesn’t really believe in what they are selling but they get paid very well to sell for that company.

The real conflict occurs however when salespeople are asked for help by friends and family about building a home. The options are; refer them elsewhere and not be paid a commission or; sell them a home with your company, knowing it’s going to create awkwardness later when things don’t meet their expectations.

The great thing about Chüse is that you can now have your cake and eat it too. Just speak to Travis to discover the process, extent of your involvement and remuneration.

So, go ahead:
Check, compare, Chüse

Contact Travis Fancourt today to see how you can benefit from our revolutionary business.

We shopped online for ages and got really confused. So when we discovered Chuse it was great to get someone’s opinion that didn’t work for the builders. We are glad we found you and very happy with our final decision. Thanks heaps. 

Sebastian & Christina

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