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Chüse Guarantees:

No Extra Cost – Our service adds zero cost to your new home, so if you get a written quote from our building partner for the same house, to be built on the same lot, with the same inclusions, for less than we offer it: we will match it and provide ongoing guarantees as detailed here.

Total Transparency – Once you decide on the builder of your choice, you will sign the builders own preliminary contract documentation that will itemise: the same base price that they list or advertise; the same cost they charge for any variations; plus, the same cost they charge for site works; all with no mark up for us. If you are able to demonstrate the equivalent documentation directly from the builder for the same house, with the same inclusions, on the same lot, for less than we offer it; we will match it and provide ongoing guarantees as detailed here.

Same or Better Price – The same applies with our “No Extra Cost” guarantee. If you are able to achieve a lower price for the same house, to be built on the same lot, with the same inclusions, for less than we offer it: we will match it and provide ongoing guarantees as detailed here.

Best Value Promotions – Due to the number and frequency of promotions advertised by our building partners, we may not always be aware of their latest offerings and a discrepancy may exist in either the price of a builder’s home or the inclusions. We guarantee to secure you the same or better promotion, at no extra cost, subject to the builder’s promotional conditions. For example, if the builder’s offer expires at the end of a given month, you must proceed with us prior to that deadline.

Referral Fees – We are not motivated or incentivized to sell you a specific lot within a particular estate and guarantee to pass on any referral fees that are relevant to the lot that you purchase as either a reduction in the land price, or as it is intended to be received directly from the seller.

Exclusive Lots – We have lots allocated to us in various estates that are not available to the general public. These lots include no referral fees for Chüse and any/all rebates on offer within the estate are passed on directly to our clients.

Zero Deposit Contracts – Through our partnership with select builders and various land estates we are able to offer a range of house and land packages within a range of estates with zero up front deposit. Finance eligibility conditions still apply however at time of finance application.

Better Lot & Location – Through our service we are able to allocate a larger percentage of your total borrowings towards securing a better lot by recommending a builder and plan that will best accommodate your total budget for that location. If you find a lot that we did not show you that you prefer, we will assist you to secure the best possible price for that lot at no cost.

Unbiased Service – At Chüse we are spoilt for choice with access to over 40 builder’s homes and land in over 100 land estates. So, we don’t need to encourage you to buy in a particular location or build a specific home.

Less Annoyance – Deal with one person to get information, plans and pricing for over 40 builders and more than 100 land estates. You don’t need to contact multiple sales reps and get bombarded with phone calls and emails by sales people trying to hit their sales targets. We make purchasing a new home your decision, not ours.

Builder Selection – Sometimes relationships can go bad, so at Chüse we provide you with a second chance. If you fall out of love with your initial selected builder and no longer want to build with them (prior to signing a lump sum building contract), we will pay the deposit for your second choice of builder. However, if building contracts are already signed, we will help negotiate any unknown costs or terms and even contribute towards those costs if it is deemed to be our error.

Less Confusion – When builders partner with us we request access to their top selling plans, as such our range of homes are the best in Perth and will eradicate the clutter from your shopping list. You will also avoid conflicting views and opinions from dealing with multiple competing salespeople by dealing with just one property advisor from Chüse.

One Stop Shop – Our mission is to provide a genuine one stop shop for the top 80% of new homes sold in Perth. However, if your home or lot requirements are more unique than we have available online, we will endeavour to assist you with our unique design and tendering service. This service attracts an upfront design fee but it forms part of your deposit once you proceed with one of our building partners through our service.

No Quotes Needed – A large portion of time taken up by homebuyers in choosing a home and moving forward is getting sales reps to price up their homes to include the required finishing items and relevant site costs. Comparatively all our advertised house prices include completion items at two specification levels, and all our house and land packages include site costs. Hence, we guarantee you will save time comparing multiple builders with our service.

Move in Sooner – Through our zero-deposit partnership agreement with select builders, developers and lenders, we will help you purchase a new home sooner than if you waited to save the required deposits elsewhere. While lending criteria still apply at the time of finance application, you will be far more motivated to save money once you commit to a specific house design and lot.

Reclaim Your Spare Time – There is no need to waste your precious weekends visiting display homes or experience lengthy sales presentations by multiple builders. We provide you with plans and pricing from over 40 builders and packages in over 100 land estates to save you time. If you can’t find a suitable plan or package, phone or email us and we will do all the leg work for you.

Guarantee Eligibility:

To be eligible for Chüse’s guarantees you must have enquired, spoken with, met and undertaken a finance health check with a representative from Chüse.

A comparable price provided directly by the builder must be for; the same home design, with no structural changes, including all requested variations and include all relevant site costs for the same specific site.

All comparable builder quoted prices must be verifiable by Chüse with the comparing builder’s management unless provided as; a copy of the builder’s PPA/PWC quotation, or form part of the builders current advertising campaigns either in print or digital mediums.

Finance Disclaimers:

All repayments for first homebuyers are based on those that qualify for the first home owners grant, with a 5% deposit and a 30-year loan based on principal and interest repayments at 4.25%.

All repayments for investors are based on a typical investment loan with 20% deposit and a interest only repayments at 4.25%.

Zero deposit house and land packages are based on purchasing in an estate owned by one of our developer partners and building with one of our building partners that allows zero deposit preliminary contracts. Lending criteria applies at time of application.

Land Disclaimers:

While best endeavours are taken to ensure accuracy, prices of lots and their availability are subject to change without notification and may not be immediately reflected on this site. We do however offer guarantees to assure our clients value and transparency in our offering.

The lot prices that form part of our advertised house and land packages are generally based on the latest pricelist provided to us by the selling agent. We utilise the average cost for the relevant required lots, subsequently it is typical that we can further discount our advertised packages rather than increase them.

If lot availability diminishes or prices increase, we will adjust our advertised house and land package prices accordingly upon gaining that information.

The areas of lots are approximate sizes only and are provided from resources by our land partners.

In the minority of cases, some of our advertised house and land packages are on land owned by an interested party of our company. In these instances, we will disclose our interest in these lots.

House Disclaimers:

Chüse does not represent the homes illustrated to be built or owned by Chüse or its subsidiary companies.

While best endeavours are taken to ensure accuracy, prices of homes are subject to change without notification and may not be immediately reflected on this site. We do however offer guarantees to assure clients of our value and the transparency in our offering.

The areas of rooms and homes are approximate sizes only and are provided directly from our building partners.

Image Disclaimers:

Our intentions are to utilize images that best suit the advertised property however variances may exist and therefore are for illustration purposes only.

The copyright of all photos, plans and branding used by Chüse remain the sole property of our building partners and are used in agreement with the terms of our partnership agreements.

From helping to select the right block, designing the ideal house, incorporating my requests, providing great suggestions and then comparing the builders with their quotes and services; sure made for an easy and hassle free experience.

R. Struder

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