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We have all heard it before, the three golden rules of real estate are: location, location, location. Sadly however, builders and their sales people don’t generally adhere to these principles and instead direct their client’s attention towards specification differentiations like benchtops and taps etc.

The reality is, even the smallest homes can vary by more than $10,000 between builders. So with plans and prices from over 40 builders, we are able to secure you a better location within your budget and still provide you with the house of your dreams.

The Truth

About property values

The truth is – land is the appreciating asset; whereas houses depreciate in value over time. This is why the Australian Taxation Office charges investors with capital gains taxes when they sell property, yet they offer tax deductions to investors for the depreciating value of the building.

That’s why at Chüse we go to great lengths to provide you with the best value homes from a large range of builders. That way we can secure a better lot in a better location that will ultimately provide you with greater capital growth.

The Truth

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Choosing land first

Choosing builder first


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We have access to exclusive lots in several estates that cannot be bought elsewhere.


Many land estates pay large referral fees to salespeople, we pass that money directly onto you.


We have partnerships with land estates that allow exclusive low deposit and no deposit contracts.


Secure a better lot or buy in a better estate with our money saving guarantees.

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From helping to select the right block, designing the ideal house, incorporating my requests, providing great suggestions and then comparing the builders with their quotes and services; sure made for an easy and hassle free experience.

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